A long time a go, the Rat Pack, Elvis, Lucille Ball, Mr. Cash, and The Jetsons were all alive and well, at the same time. It seems crazy how that would even be possible, but its true. We're like that, but if Joey, Johnny, Dee Dee, and Marky were there too.  We call it "Blue Collar With Class ", but we hope you'll just call it home.

Hope to see you soon!

What is the "Social Room"?

We're inconveniently located at 220 N 8th St,  just north of the courthouse in downtown Columbia. Ample parking is available! You'll need the password to get in so call 573.397.6442 or follow us on twitter @socialroomcomo. We change the password every week on Monday. We open Monday - Saturday at 8pm and Sunday at 2pm for our Bloody Mary Buffet. We feature live music as often as possible. For more info follow us on social media or....well, you're just gonna have to figure it our on your own!

Location + Hours